Cheese: a product that can not miss in your diet

Cheese is a product that cannot be missed as an accompaniment to wine or at a dinner with friends. It is a food with a great presence in the Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean Diet and, therefore, in Spanish gastronomy. Besides being famous for all the varieties we have, it is a very complete food with very beneficial properties for our health. Like the rest of the dairy products, cheese is rich in calcium, proteins and vitamins, that is to say, it has many of the nutrients that we need in our organism.

From Fromago World Cheese Fair held in Zamora, we want to emphasize the importance of including cheese, as well as other dairy products, in our regular diet regardless of age, not only for the benefits of its intake but also for the variety we have in Spain.

Why should we include it in our diet?

  1. To follow a healthy lifestyle. In order to have a healthy and balanced diet, we must put the essential nutrients in our organism in an adequate way. Cheese contains minerals that are beneficial for us, since they provide us with energy, help us repair bone, muscle and joint structures and also regulate metabolism. The consumption of one portion of cheese a day is good for our health.
  1. Because it is a source of calcium. Calcium is a nutrient that is abundant in our body and is responsible for strengthening bones and teeth. Cheese is a milk derivative, whose product is essential in our diet to prevent diseases. When we are children, calcium is an important component because children store calcium in their bones and it helps them to have strong bones and to favor their growth.
  1. Because it contains an essential mineral. The consumption of zinc-rich foods is essential for growth, development, stimulation of other enzymes and for the brain. It also helps the immune system, fighting viruses and increasing our defenses.
  1. It is a source of sodium. This is important because it ensures that our muscles respond correctly to nerve impulses. Maintaining a correct sodium level is essential, as it prevents our body from retaining water, which would cause blood pressure to increase.
  1. It has multiple benefits during pregnancy. Although during this period it is necessary that the cheese is pasteurized, it is a food that contains a large amount of folic acid, which is a group of vitamins essential in the first weeks of pregnancy, as they help prevent neural defects. Cheese also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6, which help children’s growth and development during infancy.
  1. It is beneficial for our teeth. Containing calcium and phosphorus, it helps to strengthen tooth enamel and reduces the risk of tooth decay. It also stimulates the production of saliva, which helps to neutralize acids that damage teeth.

Cheese, therefore, goes beyond its delicious taste, as it provides us with many nutritional and health benefits. It is a complement to a balanced diet and can be eaten in many ways, from a pasta dish to a salad and / or accompanying as a pairing. It also has a great diversity of flavors, which makes it a very popular food all over the world.

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