Fromago 2024 cheese fair confirms dates and venue in Zamora, but seeks funding

The Zamora Provincial Council will contribute 550,000 euros out of an estimated budget of 1.3 million euros.

The second edition of Fromago is looking for funding. The Provincial Council has pledged to promote the continuity of the fair with an allocation of over half a million euros, but this figure is still far from the 1.3 million estimated budget for the event to be held between September 1 and 15, 2024. The president of the institution, Javier Faúndez, has defended from the beginning that many things had to be changed in the event for the future. And one of them is the way expenses are shared. The idea pursued by the Encarnación is that both the Junta de Castilla y León and the Government of Spain can become involved in the project. But, undoubtedly, who will ask for more money is the City of Zamora, taking into account the return that an initiative of this caliber leaves in the city.

Fromago Cheese Experience 2024 has taken its first steps with a preliminary meeting attended by representatives of the Provincial Council, the International School of Dairy Industries, Caja Rural and the cheese industry. The meeting was used to set the dates for the event, which will take place between September 12 and 15 next year. And also to announce the corporate image, very similar to that of last year. In addition, all doubts about the venue have been cleared up. “Anyone who has two fingers in front knows that a fair of this level can only be held in the capital,” said Javier Faúndez. “But, obviously, the Zamora City Council will have to be at the height of this fair and get involved at the same level,” he added.

The battle for money has begun. Faúndez announced that the Provincial Budget for next year will allocate 550,000 euros for the organization and promotion of Fromago Cheese Experience 2024. The first conversations with the Junta de Castilla y León would have resulted in a commitment from the regional government to contribute another 200,000 euros. However, there would still be half a million euros to cover to reach the 1.3 million euro initial budget estimated by the International School of Dairy Industries. Its president, Sara Fregeneda, has pointed out that 25% of this amount will be used for advertising and promotion, one of the most important parts of the fair.

To this end, a delegation from Zamora, headed by Javier Faúndez himself, will be present next September in the Italian town of Bra to participate with three stands at the Cheese fair. The objective is none other than to publicize both Fromago and Zamora’s own products, as well as trying to attract large international cheese factories to join the 2024 edition of the International Cheese Fair. “It is a very important framework for us, both at the level of the agri-food sector and at the level of tourism,” the president defended.

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