Fromago already has a pet! Choose the name in our social networks

Write to us and participate by choosing how it should be called

From Fromago we are finalizing all the news for this new II edition that will start next September 12 throughout the historic center of Zamora. To this end, we are incorporating a large number of initiatives to surprise the visitor who accompanies us during these four days.

Among them is the choice of a mascot for Fromago. Naturally, this one is a sheep. Symbol of our fair, but also of Zamora, our new friend is missing only one thing: a name. For that we need your help and imagination!

Therefore, we encourage you to choose the name of our mascot through our social networks. How to do it? It is very easy. All you have to do is follow us, like the post in which we announce its incorporation to the fair and leave us a comment with what would be your ideal name for it.

In one month, on July 15, we will unveil his nomination.

Do not hesitate and participate!


Follow Fromago in the corresponding social network

– Like” or “Like” the publication

– Leave a comment with the name that the user would give to the pet

– Mention a person (@…) to go to Fromago with

– You can mention as many people as you want without repeating mentions. Each mention will be equivalent to one participation.

– Optionally, for additional participation, you can upload a storie to Instagram stories by sharing the post and mentioning @fromagozamora.

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