Fromago is promoted at the Silleda Fair with a stand and several workshops.

During these days an important work of information and attraction of exhibitors has been carried out.

Fromago has been one of the participants in the Fair of Silleda 2024 that has been developed since last Thursday, May 30 until this Sunday, June 2, when it has taken place its closing.

Fromago ‘s participation was focused on promoting its International Cheese Fair in the region of Galicia. The event brought together more than 700 exhibitors from different sectors, including the agri-food sector.

In this context, we have participated together with the Diputación de Zamora with the objective of bringing the province’s dairy and cheese activity closer and making it known. On the first opening day, the official inauguration of Fromago took place in the presence of the media and different members of the fair and exhibitors.

The event was attended by the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda, and also by the president of the Diputación de Pontevedra, Luis López, who were able to taste the cheese offered to the audience.

Afterwards, a cheese workshop was held by Quesería La Antigua, which was well received by the audience, who were able to learn some curiosities about the more than 1,200 types of cheese that will be available in this edition of Fromago 2024.

In this way, Zamora has taken advantage of this event to publicize Fromago, the cheese culture in its capital and province, as well as the importance of the dairy cheese sector. In addition, it has also tried to attract the attention of various participating exhibitors.

The objective has been to be able to continue increasing the number of exhibitors , which already exceeds 200, 30% more than in the first edition of Fromago in 2022. In addition, the international presence is also assured with the attendance of different European countries.

France, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal are some of the confirmations that have already been received, although it is expected that this list may increase in the coming weeks in the same way that national attendees are increasing.

During these days, the representation of Zamora has been composed by the president of the Provincial Council of Zamora, Javier Faúndez, as well as by the deputy of the Zamora Food Promotion, Emilio Fernández.

In addition, the Fromago organization has also been involved, headed by its president Sara Fregeneda, as well as an important number of exhibitors that will repeat their participation in September in Zamora.

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