Fromago participates in Fuentelapeña celebrating the Day of the Province of Zamora

The celebration of the Day of the Province of Zamora has been recovered and Fromago did not want to miss it.

The event took place on Saturday June 15 in the town of Fuentelapeña, where this event was held to vindicate the character of Zamora, its history, culture and traditions.

The International School of Dairy Industries Foundation , represented by several trustees and members of the School, and the Zamorano Cheese Guild, who have taken this opportunity to promote Fromago through a large table 9 meters long containing more than 50 kilos of cheese of up to 20 different varieties.

A foretaste of the more than 1,200 kinds of cheese that will soon be enjoyed by all those who attend the second edition of Fromago to be held in the historic center of Zamora from September 12 to 15.

The day was characterized by the exhibition of traditional dances, music and also the Tierras de Zamora Awards. The epicenter of the festival took place in the Plaza de Fuentelapeña and, later, in the church of Santa María de los Caballeros.

Twinning and tribute

This day, which was born to promote twinning between the different municipalities of Zamora, has also served as a tribute to up to 90 deceased former mayors and those who left office after the last municipal elections.

Javier Faúndez, president of the Provincial Council of Zamora, wanted to highlight the work of the councils as entities that “structure the territory and offer essential support to the municipalities” also claiming improvements in infrastructure to ensure a better future for the province.

Faúndez also recalled the vital role played daily by the mayors of the 248 municipalities that make up the provincial map, assuring that “Zamora will be what the people of Zamora want it to be”.

Finally, the Tierras de Zamora Awards were also presented to outstanding entrepreneurs, associations, athletes and promoters of local cultural heritage.

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