Fromago presentation in Vigo


The Provincial Council invites the Galician cheese sector in Vigo to participate in Fromago and announces a new promotional event for the International Cheese Fair in Santander.

The president of the Provincial Council, Francisco Requejo, in an act of promotion of Fromago that has taken place this afternoon in Vigo, has invited the Galician cheese sector to participate in this International Cheese Fair to be held in Zamora in September, while announced a new act of dissemination of Fromago for this July in Santander.

The president of the provincial institution, Francisco Requejo, accompanied by the provincial deputies of Agriculture and Economic Development, Angel Sanchez and Emilio Fernandez, presented the International Cheese Fair Fromago to be held from September 15 to 18 in Zamora in an activity that has been coordinated by the House of Zamora in Vigo.

“We want to ask for the cooperation of all of you who represent the entrepreneurs in this area to publicize this exhibition to your associates,” announced Francisco Requejo this afternoon at the Real Club Nautico de Vigo to representatives of businessmen and entrepreneurs in the sector in the Galician province.

Honorary presidency of the King

The President of the Zamora Provincial Council announced the acceptance of the Presidency of the Honorary Committee of Fromago by the King of Spain.

Requejo insisted that Fromago will be a magnificent showcase for the cheeses that are present at the fair for which he recalled the data handled by the organization such as the presence of about 200 cheese companies and designations of origin distributed among a set of 300 stands.

It will be held every two years and has an open character to be located in the central streets of the city of Zamora, through a route of about two kilometers which will also offer an extensive program of activities for the public.

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