Presentation Bragança

Francisco José Requejo Rodríguez informed various institutions in the Portuguese border area about the International Cheese Fair #Fromago to be held in Zamora during the month of September.

The County Council proposes several possibilities for cross-border participation and cooperation.

┹ï¸The president of the Provincial Council, who was accompanied by the deputies of Agriculture and Economic Development, Angel Sánchez Hidalgo and Emilio Fernández Martínez, respectively, as well as ‍‍ technicians of the Provincial Institution, presented the ↘ï¸Feria Fromago Cheese Experience as a commercial and business initiative, for which the Provincial Council seeks cross-border cooperation.

With the presence in the municipal theater of Bragança of the Secretary of State for Internal Enhancement, Isabel Ferreira, and the president of the Municipal Chamber of Bragança, Hernani Dias, and the municipal chambers of Miranda do Douro, Vilaflor and Macedo de Cavaleiros, as well as representatives of business associations in Portugal, of the Rei Afonso Henriques Foundation, Zamora 10 and Caja Rural, Francisco Requejo explained the content of the fair describing it as an “innovative and cutting-edge meeting, with which we intend to place Zamora as a national and international benchmark in the cheese sector. An open meeting that, every two years, will take place in the streets of Zamora”.

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