What is celebrated on the day of La Hiniesta?

Every Pentecost Monday is a very important date for Zamora since it is the date on which its patron saint, the Virgen de la Concha, departs from the capital of Zamora to the municipality of La Hiniesta accompanied by hundreds of pilgrims who walk with her along this eight-kilometer route.

Do you know how long this tradition dates back?

From Fromago we want to tell you a little more about this special day for all Zamoranos.

It is the oldest pilgrimage in Spain, dating back to 1921, and is always celebrated on the first Monday of Pentecost. It is considered one of the most popular popular events of all those celebrated in Spain and proof of this is the fervor that its pilgrims show throughout the transfer, which extends throughout the day.

Its departure takes place year after year at around eight o’clock in the morning. from the Church of San Antolin to arrive three and a half hours later to La Hiniesta where a traditional salute of banners and exchange of batons between the mayors of the town and the capital takes place. Afterwards, the Eucharist is celebrated in the church of Santa María la Real.

This is a fantastic moment to share some products of Zamora’s gastronomy , such as cheese, which is easy to transport and preserve and can be consumed after a few hours.

After enjoying some time in brotherhood, the return to Zamora is resumed, but not before making a stop at the chapel of Cristo de Valderrey, where the stewards offer pastries and refreshments. It should be noted that cheese has always been traditionally one of the main protagonists as a symbol of the celebration. Around ten o’clock at night, the patron saint arrives at the hermitage of Los Remedios, where the Junta Pro-Semana Santa takes care of her.

A custom that has made this day one of the festivities of Zamora since, in addition to celebrating this pilgrimage, other activities such as tournaments and dances or a popular dinner are also organized . In addition, children’s games, a solidarity walk, a race or musical performances for all audiences are also being enjoyed.

Why is it held in Zamora?

In Zamora this day is commemorated in memory of one of its most important historical events, when the Virgen de la Hiniesta was housed in the capital of Zamora until the completion of the works of its temple. It was then that the Virgen de la Concha accompanied him in procession.

According to legend, during an afternoon of hunting by King Sancho IV, a partridge fled from being hunted until it found refuge in the forest. When the monarch approached her, he discovered that she had sought refuge in the image of a virgin to whom he had a shrine built in her honor.

During that time, the Virgin was kept in the church of San Antolin de Zamora, which already housed the Virgen de la Concha, patron saint of the city, so it is considered that both images are twinned and every year their reunion is commemorated in this pilgrimage.

From Fromago we join this day and congratulate all Zamoranos in one of their festivities!

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