Zamora confirms second edition of Fromago Cheese Experience in September 2024

ZAMORA, 3 Aug. (EUROPA PRESS) – The Provincial Council of Zamora has confirmed the celebration of a second edition of Fromago Cheese Experience, to be held in the capital between 12 and 15 September 2024. The new president, Javier Faúndez, has taken on the challenge of continuing the event launched by his predecessor, Francisco José Requejo, which in September 2022 was an unqualified success in terms of both public and economic return.

Faúndez confirmed that the provincial institution will organize together with the International School of Dairy Industries of Zamora this second edition of Fromago, for which it will allocate 550,000 euros in next year’s budget. However, estimates point to a total cost of 1.3 million euros, so the project has now entered a phase of seeking funding.

The first conversations with the Junta de Castilla y León would have resulted in a commitment from the regional government to contribute another 200,000 euros. However, there would still be half a million euros to cover to reach the 1.3 million euro initial budget estimated by the International School of Dairy Industries. This money will be claimed from the City Council of Zamora and the Government of Spain.

The president of the International School of Dairy Industries, Sara Fregeneda, pointed out that 25% of this amount will be used for advertising and promotion, one of the most important parts of the fair. To this end, a delegation from Zamora will travel to the Italian town of Bra in September of this year to participate in the Cheese Fair and promote the Zamora event to the global public.

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