On August 3, 2023, the President of the Provincial CouncilJavier Faúndez Domínguez has met with Sara Fregeneda, President of the EILZA Foundationand a dozen relevant representatives of the dairy-cheese sector to continue negotiations regarding the development of the next edition of the Fromago 2024which will take place from September 12 to 15, 2024 in the city of Zamora.

From the EILZA Foundation has assumed the management of the organization of the event, which we understand to be of capital importance for the dairy-cheese sector in particular and for all the people of Zamora in general, and thanking the Provincial Council of Zamora for its generous economic responsibility and its involvement, indispensable for the development of the event. Fromago 2024.

Fromago is an extraordinary event for the city, for the region and for Spain, and that is why we believe that all administrations: City Council of Zamora, Junta de Castilla y León and Government of Spain, should be involved in this new edition and thus be closer to ensure the continuity of future editions.

The President urged all public institutions as well as private, social and economic entities in the province to collaborate and support Fromago 2024. Likewise, Narciso Prieto, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of Caja Rural, the first sponsor, has expressed the unconditional support given to both the EILZA Foundation, as was given to the first edition of Fromagoand has renewed its commitment and support, encouraging other private entities to follow suit.

In the next budget of the Provincial Council of Zamora will be allocated an item of 550,000 euros to be managed by the EILZA Foundation, professionalizing Fromago by hiring a company and a commissioner to have direct control of the event, in order to overcome the difficulties of the first edition, which was already a success.

From the EILZA Foundation we hope to be able to start meetings soon with the different entities that, like us, see this event as an engine for the prosperity of the dairy-cheese sector and of Zamora, a province that, as Fernando Fregeneda, representative of the sector, reminded us, is where there is the greatest production of sheep’s milk.

We thank all the participants in today’s meeting for their time, their enthusiasm and commitment, their shared vision that Zamora is an extraordinary region with extraordinary potential, and we believe that the dairy-cheese sector is living proof of this.

We wholeheartedly hope to make the next edition of Fromago 2024 as successful as the original, and to meet the expectations that the people of Zamora have placed in us.

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