One of Fromago’s most beloved attractions is back: the Cheese Tunnel.

Fromago’s famous cheese tunnel will be placed in Viriato square in a special event with novelties.

It was one of the great attractions of the Fromago Cheese Experience International Cheese Fair. The Cheese Tunnel returns to Zamora in a special event from March 17 to 19, in the Plaza de Viriato, on the occasion of the Festival del Lechazo 2023. The entrance to the tunnel will be priced at 5 euros and will allow tasting up to six types of cheese.

The Cheese Tunnel will feature more than 50 cheeses from around the world, including a special selection of cheeses that stand out for their production and origin. Among the cheeses presented will be St. George’s cheese from the Azores, a 16-month aged Mahón, an Italian buffalo cheese, Swedish cheeses and a Belgian cheese dipped in beer. The Provincial Council hopes that the Cheese Tunnel will be as successful as the one installed in the last edition of Fromago, “where some people were left without tasting it due to the large number of people”.

This was revealed by the president of the Provincial Council of Zamora, Francisco Requejo, who also offered some news related to the roadmap to Fromago 2024. In this context, he pointed out that more than 90 pre-registrations have already been received from participants who want to repeat their experience at the fair. It has also been reported that more than 40 new exhibitors are expected to register and participate in the event.

Presentation of the Cheese Tunnel 2023

The Zamora Provincial Council is also in talks with Brazil to be the guest country in the new edition of Fromago, and is in the process of establishing partnerships with the International Cheese Fair held in Bra (Italy). It is hoped that this will serve to establish links with exhibitors and the international public attending the fair, and will contribute to the promotion of the next edition of Fromago.

In fact, despite the proximity of the upcoming municipal elections that will mean a change in the government of the Provincial Council, Francisc Requejo hopes that the celebration of Fromago 2024 will be held normally. “We are working to complete all the processes prior to its celebration for the government team to continue and not be lost,” he noted. Moreover, the president of the Provincial Council believes that Fromago has its “flame lit in Zamorano society” and trusts that this is reason enough to continue with it.

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