The Provincial Council commits half a million euros for Fromago 2024: these are the new features

Este jueves se ha mantenido una reunión para afinar lo que será Fromago 2024

Meeting to fine-tune the next edition of Fromago

After the change of government in the Zamora Provincial Council, the continuity of Fromago has always been a priority for the new president, Javier Faúndez. However, they wanted to do so by setting the goal of professionalizing this fair and “not improvise on the fly,” as Faúndez stressed, after the meeting held on Thursday.

The new image of the fair and the dates of celebration, from September 12 to 15, 2024, were the main novelties presented. The provincial institution will also be present at the fair in Bra, Italy, to promote the fair and Zamorano products in one of the most important annual events in the cheese sector.

Faúndez has also made a commitment that the next budget will include 552,000 for EilzaThe company will also make available all the human resources of the Provincial Council that are necessary to carry out the future edition, in order to meet the objective of professionalizing the Fromago Fair.

The president of Eilza, Sara Fregeneda, stressed the “importance” of this fair appealing to the collaboration of the City Council, the Board and even the central government, to financially support this fair “so important for the cheese industry, but also for all Zamorano.

Fregeneda also emphasized that details are being finalized to have a working commission and a commissioner to have direct control of the development of the fair.

Budgets ranging from 1,200,000 to 1,300,000 euros have also begun to be drawn up.Fregeneda has assured that this is a preliminary budget and that a large part of this money would be dedicated to the promotion of the 2024 event.

Caja Rural de Zamora was also present at the meeting as a collaborating entity of this event “that has meant so much to Zamora”, as highlighted by Narciso Prieto, as director of communication of the financial institution. “Fromago is all of us, Fromago belongs to all of Zamora and all the parties involved have to be involved, and Caja Rural’s commitment is unavoidable,” Prieto attested.

With all this, the machinery of Fromago 2024 has been launched with an eye on the professionalization of this fair in order to place it in the national and international calendars of the cheese sector, taking the Zamorano product to the top of the world cheese scene.

“The City Council must have the level that has the fair,” said the president of the Provincial Council, Javier Faúndez, putting on the table that because of its caliber the fair should be held in the capital, although at the moment has not been addressed that collaboration with the Consistory zamorano to be held in the streets of the capital.

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